Owais Anjum

I've been in technology management and product design for 20 years including many in the Silicon Valley. The last 5 years have been particularly interesting where I built startups, raised money, growth hacked one, failed miserably at another, and established a successful business of helping other companies innovate fast and be more successful at what they do as a business. eMumba wasn’t easy to conceive. It took two years of thinking to quit my very lucrative job as Managing Director of Numetrics and start grounds up all over again. In hindsight, the only regret I have is that I should have done this sooner. Most of my time is now spent in evangelizing the culture of making our customers successful, no matter what it takes. If you ever want to talk, I am just a call away @ 408 dot 462 dot 1816!

Chief Executive Officer

Owais Anjum

“Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.”

― Peter F. Drucker

Zishan Iqbal

Zishan Iqbal

Chief Technology Officer

I am a technology enthusiast with more than 10 years of hardcore software development experience. My experience ranges from leading small teams in a startup environment to working with large teams to build enterprise applications. I love mentoring engineers, designing processes for higher productivity and implementing highly scalable architectures. My areas of interest includes high performance web applications, scale on the cloud and IOT.

The Story of Our Company

  • BeginningBEGINNING
  • Owais quits full-time job to found eMumba with a mission to build a world class product. Work initiates on PatientsWithPower and 6 months later on Cricout.
  • Product LaunchPRODUCT LAUNCH
  • Cricout is launched with enough traction in the first 3 months to validate product-market fit. Loins are girdled up for raising seed capital. In parallel, an extremely solid engineering team is put together for PatientsWithPower that continues to work with the Founding CEO, Bill Guthrie, to conquer the extremely complex space of Breast Cancer.
  • GrowthGROWTH
  • Seed round is closed for Cricout and the company is set on the path of faster product development and user growth. PatientsWithPower is ready for beta launch and is accepted as a pilot project at UCSF and Stanford.
  • DiversificationDIVERSIFICATION
  • Fail to raise Series-A for Cricout despite growth and very strong user traction. Decision is made to continue supporting the product and find ways to indigenously support it. A new team is formed to provide design and development services to other startups. Most importantly, Zishan joins in as a partner and we land our first 3 customers. Revenue starts pouring in. There’s food on the table. Wohoo!
  • Powering StartupsPOWERING STARTUPS
  • Products take a back seat and focus shifts towards expanding services work with startups. Turns out we have a lot more to offer to startups than just development services. With our experience of building inhouse products, we can share a thing or two about MVPs, going lean, validation, growth hacking, monetization, analytics and a lot more! Things are getting very exciting.
  • Beyond StartupsBEYOND STARTUPS
  • We discover that a lot of medium enterprises are struggling with UI/UX. We land our first enterprise customer who trust us with designing and implementing their key customer interactions. Bringing startup agility to enterprises is exhilarating.
  • FutureFUTURE
  • With strong UX, A class engineering team, and deep insight into product innovation, our aim is to bring startup agility to enterprises.

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