Log Analysis Part 2

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Apache Storm

imageContinuing on the log analysis journey, in this post I explore Apache Storm. Apache Storm is a framework for real time, distributed, fault tolerant computation. Storm gives you a set of abstractions to help build systems that can analyze a large volume of streaming data in real time. Here is an excellent talk on Storm by its creator, Nathan Marz, for anyone who wants to dive into the details. Continue reading “Log Analysis Part 2”

Setting up Google reCAPTCHA in a ReactJS app

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Google?s reCAPTCHA is an industry standard when it comes to fighting bots. Integrating it in a regular web app has almost become a no-brainer, thanks to plugins available on almost every platform to do the job. With this expectation, I started integrating it in my latest app built on ReactJS but encountered many roadblocks. Without going into details, I’m sharing here fastest recipe for integrating it with your ReactJS app. Continue reading “Setting up Google reCAPTCHA in a ReactJS app”