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  • June 9th 2015


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Cricket is passion. Cricket is love. And Cricket is fun when you follow it with friends! No more is following Cricket online a lonely experience. Cricout is enabling friends from around the world to get together and have fun following the game.

Cricout constitutes a super motivated team trying to redefine how Cricket is followed online.

Web App

CRICOUT is the latest social network in town.
It is not only a social network, it is a cricket dedicated social network that provides you with:

  • Live ball-by-ball commentary on matches around the world with live expert opinions and views.
  • Expert opinions from cricket writers whom you can follow.
  • Exclusive cricket pictures from around the world.
  • Cricket news, pictures and videos that you can share, follow and discuss.

Mobile App

Cricout Mobile App.

If you are active on social media platforms airing your views during cricket matches and other cricket happenings, then you have to be on Cricout. It is the place where all your online cricket following and social media activity integrates under one single platform.

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