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Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

ClipMine is world’s first smart video annotation platform that personalizes the online video discovery and viewing experience for everyone. ClipMine is working on radically enhancing the end user’s ability to consume video content by understanding it better and building the tools to deliver it to the users in a personalized manner.

It was in the year 2013 when Zia Syed, a close acquaintance who had been working in Google Inc. for 9 years then, decided to say goodbye to his career there and start working on his own idea. His personal frustration with the pain of navigating through the online video content and finding what mattered is what gave birth to this incredulous idea of smart video annotation.

It all started off with a handful of people, with back-end engineers from Silicon Valley and a front-end engineer along with a Quality Assurance resource from eMumba. Once the idea was translated into meaningful requirements, the whole team set right to work. As quickly as the complex back-end was erected, the development of beautiful and user friendly interfaces matched the pace.

“ The design and user interface for ClipMine is one of the finest and most delightful thing we’ve ever worked on. ”

Clipmine Home

ClipMine started off as a set of few and simple pages, jokingly referred to as a 2 page application at our office then, it’s amazing how it swelled and progressed so quickly and beautifully becoming a full fledged smart application.

ClipMine not only made our online video consumption more fruitful and easy by auto tagging of videos, ability to share and bookmark individual tags, ability to create shareable walkthroughs of multiple tags, beautiful dashboard to track one’s bookmark and tags history, searching Youtube videos and ability to embed ClipMine’s player to any website, but also by revolutionizing the e-gaming industry.

Clipmine embedded player

Just after conquering the video annotation industry us, ClipMiners plunged head on into the e-Sports zone. ClipMine used elaborate algorithms to fetch game streams, extract the game type, player names, judging victory and loss and the number of game sessions in each stream automatically and by automatically I mean, with zero user effort/input.

eMumba has been working with ClipMine for about 2.5 years now, and the experience has been equally delightful for both sides. Our work for ClipMine included complete Front-end development and support as well as Quality Assurance of the product.

Clipmine Dashboard

“ClipMine is a thing of beauty both within and without.”

The design and user interface for ClipMine is one of the finest and most delightful thing we’ve ever worked on. With design patterns like click to expand, hover activated overlays, fine scrolling animations and inline editing menus; ClipMine is the best visual treat for anyone with a good sense of aesthetics and an eye for elegant design.

Clipmine video player

ClipMine is a thing of beauty both within and without. Not only is the outer interface elegant and pleasing but even the code organization is on point. We made sure to follow the best guiding principles for code organization reusability and efficiency.

Clipmine Responsive view

Clipmine Table of content

Clipmine add tag

Clipmine Table of content

Through the evolution of ClipMine from a hatchling to a full fledged video annotation tool and from an idea to an e-gamer's dream, eMumba has been a part of it all. We've been together through thick and thin and we aspire to continue doing the same. It swells us with pride to see ClipMine developing rapidly and being acquire by twitch after the hard work of 3 consistent years.

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