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Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

One fine morning, one such opportunity knocked on our doors, when we met a young and ambitious lawyer, Alex, who was committed enough on his idea to leave his day job for it. Alex worked as a lawyer at Linklaters in London following his studies in law at Cambridge University. He was frustrated by the current recruitment setup for lawyers and wanted to revolutionize things completely. Needing technological support, he set in search for someone who could bring his idea into existence, and that’s when he found us. It was an interesting union of Law and Technology, where each was a master of his field but neither had a complete insight into other’s area of expertise.

Our initial meetings were more of brainstorming sessions, where Alex explained the basics of legal practice to us and we actively sketched his requirements into blueprints. We had a lot of questions to ask and Alex was always glad to answer. By the end of this endeavour most of us were familiar with a number of legal terms :D

There were several iterations, the whole product going through several rounds of revision growing bigger and more mature with each release.

Our chief focus was to provide a User-experience as flawless as possible and an Interface that could perfectly supersede the excruciation of manual recruitment. Each requirement was documented and then a team of Designers, QA and UI/UX experts would sit together and meticulously consider, twirl and twist it around in their minds and do extensive discussions before the requirement was converted into a feature.

Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.
~ Joe Sparano

We didn't want a fancy looking and complex site. Our mantra was KISS ‘keep it simple, silly’ . We wanted to build a User experience as natural as batting an eyelash. Given the complexity of the whole procedure it was quite a challenge, but we took it head on.

The Home Page

Just as eyes are said to be windows to the soul, we call a home page window to the website. and so as healthy eyes entail a healthy body; a good homepage entails a good User-experience.

The designing of the Homepage was the most enjoyable part and it took us the longest. Each section was carefully designed, redesigned, positioned, repositioned, altered and perfected. We wanted a homepage that wasn’t overcrowded yet gave a complete insight into the scope and power of the whole webapp.


The most challenging and essential bit of this project was to implement a complex amalgam of filters on job listing for each lawyer, to ensure that no lawyer could see a job that he/she wasn’t supposed to see and that no lawyer did not see the jobs he/she was supposed to see. We made relevant queries and algos only to replace those with better ones every 3 days or so. It took us a fortnight before we finally struck the perfect potion.

The Lawyer profile, job listing, tracker, referral and all Admin flows were all implemented and perfected with each iteration.


Breaking Stereotypes

Another interesting part of this Product’s development was the fact that we shattered the age old stereotype of a cold war between the Development and Quality Assurance teams, for the making of LexStep saw many bright mornings, a lot of sunny afternoons, countless productive evenings and a few dozen busy nights where the QA and Dev were working hand-in-hand enthusiastically and determinedly to perfect the product. There were numerous instances when the developers contentedly helped in the testing of the product and as many occasions when the tester would sit with the developer and together they’ll compute complex queries and figure out how to put elaborate multi tier validations to ensure data security. It was heartwarming to see the two teams work in such close collaboration without a hint of annoyance on either side.

All in all it was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for us to work with a client like LexStep and for an industry as unknown to us as Law. To see the number of featured partner firms swelling on Lexstep.com as well as the publicity and recognition they have achieved in such a short space of time is exceedingly gladdening for all of us.

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