Emumba is a cutting-edge software technology firm that takes pride in its ability to attract and retain top talent and solve complex problems. Led by Silicon Valley veterans, the leadership team has 75+ years of cumulative global experience in technology development, product design and leadership.

Founded in 2011, the company has realized 100% YOY growth and is now home to 150 world class engineers and designers. The diversification from products to software services has created a unique DNA that puts equal emphasis on product design, user experience and solid engineering.

150 Software Engineers, Data Scientists and UI/UX Specialists
40+ Happy Customers Worldwide Successful Exits (Startups)



We believe in ‘people over process’ and that’s why we only tell our people ‘what’ to do. The freedom of ‘how’ to do it, is up to them.


Responsibility is a trait of self-disciplined people who discover and fix issues themselves without being told to do so.


We believe that the people who exercise their freedom responsibly, do not fear accountability. They’re reliable and take ownership of their work.

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A Silicon Valley veteran, Owais has 20 years of experience in software product design, technology management and leadership. He has built and scaled teams both in the US and in Pakistan and has a track record of delivering high quality products. Owais did a series of startups (Cricout, GivingAtWork, PatientsWithPower) before establishing Emumba as a specialized services organization.

Zishan Iqbal


With over 12 years of hardcore software development experience, Zishan is a technology enthusiast and a seasoned manager. His experience ranges from leading small teams in a startup environment to working with large teams to build enterprise applications.

Ali Rizvi

Head of R&D

A Silicon Valley veteran and an ex-Apple engineer with 19 years of experience, Ali drives innovation around hardware acceleration, embedded systems and computer vision. Ali’s expertise in hardware include architecture, design, verification and implementation of video codec ASICs and power management for cell phone SOCs.

Haris Hasan

Director of Engineering

Haris is a seasoned engineer with a knack for technical leadership that has allowed him to successfully deliver cutting-edge production systems and build highly productive teams. His experience ranges from conventional backend systems to high volume data pipelines, and he has proven himself in the challenging dynamics of both startups and enterprises.