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A10 Networks’ solutions accelerate and secure data center applications and networks of thousands of the worlds largest enterprises, service providers, and hyper scale web providers.


Network appliances traditionally have complex network configurations. It takes hours if not days to configure enterprise networks scattered across multiple locations. We partnered with A10 to deliver applications for SSL inspection, server load balancing (SLB), threat investigation and authentication, with a simplified user experience.


In just 4 years, we delivered multiple network applications for A10 Networks which included configuration, management, visibility and troubleshooting of all the network applications with a simplified UX. These include applications for managing SSLi, authentication, authorization, firewall, cloud and network security. The functionality is delivered through a unified interface which is deployed on the A10's network devices. We've also used machine learning to identify anomalies in usage for network and cloud applications and consequently, ensure enterprise security.

We automated the deployment process for A10 by streamlining the development process. The result was a portable solution which could be deployed on both private and public cloud speeding up our release deployment by 48x.


As part of our solution, we created multiple network applications for different purposes. But the consolidation of 15+ network applications through a unified interface was one of our major challenges. Furthermore, identification, isolation and validation of issues in microservices-based architecture looked after by geographically-distributed teams was another challenge.

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