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A cognitive technology that understands how your business works, makes real-time recommendations, predicts outcomes, and takes action autonomously.


Aera Technology serves large enterprises with huge supply chains, especially the producers of fast-moving consumer goods. Aera collects data produced from multiple ERP systems, produces structured reports and then makes predictions on top of it.

However, when it comes to users, the data only becomes meaningful when presented in the form of visualizations which require building solutions not readily available off the shelf. Emumba specializes in designing and developing custom visualizations tailored specifically for customer’s needs.


Our main goal was to design and develop pluggable, custom visualizations to identify hidden trends in data. As a result, Fortune 500 companies identify trends in their data using custom visualizations made by Emumba.

We’re also reducing the amount of time and resources spent on ETL workloads using automation. ETL automation enables end users to use an application to manage their data end-to-end without worrying about code, wrapping up days of work in hours.


Our major challenge was the Data Workbench. Creating a single ETL is difficult enough and automating the ETL stack where users can manage their data is even more challenging. The solution also required integration with enterprise databases such as SAP and Oracle.

When it came to visualizations, capturing supply chain of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies visually, with all the KPIs was a huge challenge in itself. These visualizations were expected to effectively present huge data sets with thousands of rows.

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