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Blue Trading Systems is a high-performance, low-latency trading software developed alongside traders over a decade of profitable trading in the Chicago and New York derivatives markets.


Considering the very competitive nature of trading systems and platforms, market players tend to favor tools that are extremely robust and adapt better to tackle the brunt of high-speed loads. BTS has been working on and providing this technology competently for over a decade now. Lately, soaring demands for traffic meant that BTS systems were pushed to their limit. As more and more data pours in, BTS stands in need of an efficient yet robust system that can handle the irregular nature of the incoming market data.

We’re creating a trading platform for BTS that provides lowest latency without compromising the flexibility of writing custom trading algorithms in the software. Another objective is to enable the platform to provide connectivity for multiple exchanges.


Within a very narrow variance band, we have delivered 3μs latency at the median and lightning fast recovery in case of packet loss. We have achieved our first goal of near-FPGA performance using off-the-shelf hardware. Next, we are striving towards having a shippable product by the end of this year.

Additionally, we are working towards augmenting different protocols to support each exchange using our low-latency trading platform.

Our design leverages high performance, low latency, multi-threaded and hardware-aware algorithms coupled with an in-depth understanding of the raw market data to ensure that our product meets the competitive edge required in the market.


Cutting microseconds in trading wars is the name of the game and although 3μs latency is really good, we always challenge ourselves to do better. Another challenge for us was implementing a feed handler to handle the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol across different exchanges.

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