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DvSum is a SAAS Platform that enables enterprises to explore, monitor, measure, analyze & improve data.


Most enterprises either do not have complete visibility of their data or they do not have the time or resources to deploy a data quality tool. DvSum realized that poor data quality has serious consequences for an enterprise and its annual finances. They got in touch with Emumba with a desire to build a solution.

Emumba has been working with DvSum on an all-in-one data quality solution for over 4 years now. Everything from design, development and quality assurance has been done in-house. Our team overcame each challenge to nurture this project into a stable, well-developed and multi-featured application.


First off, we analyzed the data from various stages of their supply chain to provide historical, current and predictive views of DvSum’s business operations and trends. The next problem we tackled was identifying, cleaning and resolving data quality issues for large data sets from various enterprises. We did this by making ETL and data management workflows to augment data from multiple sources and managing data off-site to ensure data confidentiality.

Our main achievement is that a Fortune 500 company is using the analytics tool to manage their day-to-day operations globally. Not only that, the solution is currently in production at 4 enterprises.


One of our biggest challenges was selecting the right architecure to ensure data security. We held our security and vulnerability benchmarks against enterprise standards and successfully met those standards. We also maintained high quality of data despite the large amount of data processing.


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