About the Customer

Fetch's digital world is an integration of Autonomous Economic Agents within an Open Economic Framework, underlined with their Smart Ledger technology.


Fetch.AI aims to create a decentralized digital network that facilitates an infinite number of marketplaces and user interactions, and acts as a conduit for a new world of economic activity. It is a depiction of our physical world where the autonomous software agents with data perform transactions on your behalf and collaborate with other agents to maximize the value of data.

The design team at Emumba came up with a visual representation for Fetch. We created simulations based on real data for agents operating in different geographical locations.


Emumba is the creative design force behind Fetch’s applications and dashboard. We've built cross-platform hardware wallet apps (android and iOS native apps) and a desktop version. This wallet is where users can manage their digital currency with secure transactions on their blockchain-based ledger. It is also interfaced with a desktop app over serial port and will be interfaced with a fingerprint scanner for authorization in near future.

We’ve also created a car agent deployed on a Linux-based embedded device inside the car. The car agent connects with Fetch.ai network and negotiates the best price of charging station based on the route, battery level and size of the queue on charging station.


Managing a diverse portfolio including web applications, mobile applications, visualizations and website designs for Fetch.ai was certainly our biggest challenge. Another challenge was acquiring/developing the react native expertise necessary to deliver Fetch’s mobile applications since that was not among the core services provided by Emumba.

Our biggest challenge was creating a marketing video that effectively explained Fetch.ai's core concept which was both unusual and complicated to understand.

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