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Savvius enables real-time, actionable network visibility with powerful software and appliance products. Network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world use solutions built by Savvius.


Savvius had virtualized one of their hardware solutions and needed performance benchmarks quickly to present at Cisco Live. They chose Emumba to test performance, find bugs and breaking points, and test integration with Gigamon. Savvius was having trouble configuring their tunnel with Gigamon and that’s where we stepped in.


Savvius needed to get their network appliances on virtual machines (VMs) tested in specific environments. Emumba has the private cloud infrastructure necessary to host and test Savvius’s VMs. We used VMware (ESXi) and KVM as virtualized environments and multiple traffic generator tool (TRex) to generate required amount and type of traffic for testing the VMs.

We prepared a test plan for Savvius products to perform test cycles effectively. The test cycles covered features and performance testing of virtual appliances (VAs). VMs were tested across different network topologies. Multiple test cases with varying types and volume of traffic were created to accurately gauge the functionality and performance metrics of the product.

We were also able to complete the integration of Savvius products with Gigamon via tunneling successfully to benchmark the devices.


Our main challenge was testing different packet sizes, traffic types and speeds as well as setting up the environment to test these metrics. We also tackled the issues of tuning VMWare and KVM to deliver optimum performance and the constant drop in packets between Savvius products and TRex.


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