You won’t often find a services company who helps businesses grow by providing high performance, quality assured products with well defined software development procedures and customer satisfaction.

PatientsWithPower is dedicated to help cancer patients make informed decisions and truly collaborate with health care providers. We look at both sides of the equation - Patient and Provider - enhance understanding and communication to produce the best possible outcome.

PatientsWithPower is an amiable product of eMumba, solely designed, planned, executed and maintained by our high quality resources. We envision a world where patients are informed participants in the cancer care process.

What's the fun in following a cricket match without friends?
Cricout is where social media meets your online cricket following.

Cricout is the very idea that made Owais (CEO eMumba), leave his very lucrative job and set his course into the terrian of uncertainity and risks. With loads of hard work, hard core development, design thinking and execuction, with sleepless nights, early mornings, late days, loads of coffee, stale pizzas and leftover dinners, the course was set right.

Rethinking the online video player user experience. ClipMine grew out of the frustration with trying to discover and consume the ever growing online video content.

We've been working with ClipMine for about 2.5 years now, and the experience has been equally delightful for both sides. Our work for ClipMine included complete front-end development, support and quality assurance of the product. Through the evolution of ClipMine from a hatchling to a full fledged video annotation tool and from an idea to an gamer's dream, eMumba has been a part of it all. We've been together through thick and thin and aspire to continue doing the same.

The coolest data quality management application on the planet. DvSum is a patented SAAS platform that enables quick set up, and provides a complete set of tools to explore, automate, monitor, measure, analyze and improve data quality for enterprises.

We’ve been at this enterprise product for over 3 years now, and have nourished this baby all the way from rolling and crawling to running on its own feet. Everything from design, developement and quality assurance has been done in-house.

LexStep is an exclusive two-sided marketplace that connects top lawyers with leading law firms. A startup based out of London that is trying to disrupt the recruitment industry for law firms.

It was early 2015 when we met a young lawyer, Alex, who was committed enough on his idea to leave his day job. We took charge of the situation, designed, developed and launched the product in less than 6 months. Alex is now busy recruiting law firms to the product, and we're happy seeing the product prosper and are continually adding new features to ensure better usability and improved capabilities.

BeatTheGym is a web app for enrolling to your preferred fitness classes in your vicinity; and creating your own convenient workout routine by choosing your instructor, genre of exercise, environment of choice and paying for it online. We turned this dream into a reality with bright energizing and easy to use interfaces.

Hundreds of companies have pledged a percentage of their employees' time to volunteering. facilitates such companies with the roll-out and on-going management of their volunteering programs. is a product of eMumba, very enthusiastically developed by our top notch developers, designers and product specialists in very close collaboration. From idea to beta launch, it took us 5 months and we were able to get our first customer in 7 months.