Data Science

Discover insights and patterns in your data to make decisions and predictions that can accelerate your business growth. Build extensive end-to-end data driven solutions faster using our skills and expertise.

Scalable Data Pipelines

Ingest data big or small, live or batches, thats where it all starts

Data Analysis & Insights

Find hidden patterns, business secrets and complex correlations

Machine learning

Stay ahead by using accurate predictions and ahead of time alerts

Dashboards & Visualizations

Instantly build knowledge and understand deep insights


Realtime firewall data analysis and reporting

A set of detailed analytics dashboards and visualizations, powered by real-time data stream from firewalls, to show comprehensive network usage insights.

Infrastructure health monitoring and alerts

A real-time data center health monitoring solution, built to enable organizations find exact problems and fix them, before their customers even notice.

Understanding customer behaviour through logs

A data solution that ingests unstructured customer logs, transforms them into structured information, and presents actionable business insights.

Enabling AI for enterprises

An application that helps enterprises in preparing machine learning ready data through a suite of big data analysis and transformation operations.

Analyzing sales data for business growth

Extensive data analysis on seven years of sales data to find deep insights, correlations, and recommendations for accelerating business growth.