Automating & Operationalizing Software Development

It’s easy to talk about DevOps, it’s much harder to figure out how you operationalize it and translate DevOps principles into on-the-ground practices.

Configuration Management

Standardize configuration of resources and automate repetitive tasks to minimize release time.

Container Orchestration

Automate deployment, scaling, management and networking of container-based apps.

Continuous Testing

Maintain system health with end-to-end testing and validating requirements, functionality, regression and environment configuration.


Improve your code, verify artifacts for deployment, ensure quality build and enable frequent, seamless delivery.

Continuous Monitoring

Track application performance and stability in an agile way and sift through the logs and identify operational flaws easily.

Remote DevOps Coverage

Remotely monitor and maintain your infrastructure and applications.

Cloud Optimization

Secure, monitor and optimize the usage of your cloud infrastructure.




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