Embedded Systems

Controller with a Dedicated Function

Design the system and application software for your ready-made embedded hardware with a competitive, end-to-end, development experience.

Work Done

Emumba has a focused team working in the embedded systems domain. Our focus is on the Linux-based embedded systems. From compilation of toolchain and Linux Kernel to application development and testing to deployment of user's applications - we do it all.

We also have expertise in writing highly optimized C++ software and connecting with web-based UI. This helps us leverage our experience in developing web apps to provide a modern look and feel.

Car and Charging Station Agents

We developed a Car Agent, which connects with Fetch.AI network and negotiate the best price of charging station based on the route, battery level and size of the queue on charging station.

The car agent is intended to be deployed on a Linux based embedded device inside the car.

Hardware Wallet

We developed a hardware wallet that is capable of signing the transactions done on Fetch.AI Blockchain-based ledger in a secure manner.

The project is based on Arduino compatible Teensy board, which interfaced with fingerprint scanner for authorization and a desktop app over serial port.


  • Configuring Linux kernel
  • Using board support packages for custom boards
  • Building cross-compilation toolchain

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If you’re interested in getting the system and application software for your ready-made embedded hardware designed, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. You can reach us at hello@emumba.com


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