Feed Handlers in Trading Wars

Hardware-optimized software to decode and interpret high frequency trading data from exchanges at low latency

Microseconds are Dollars

These days in the FinTech world, microseconds are Dollars and having the lowest latency Trading Platform can be the key differentiator for winning the trading wars. Lower latency translates to better fill quality for the algorithms, more trading opportunities and more wins.

Hardware-Based Acceleration, the Real Weapon

Building low latency and high throughput systems requires intimate familiarity with the underlying hardware architecture that run the feed handlers and trading engine. Performance has to be treated as a primary design criterion and that requires an appreciation of hardware caching, branch prediction and prefetching. Furthermore, scheduling of your critical processes has to be controlled to eliminate preemption and unnecessary resource allocation. This is our forte.

Performance Delivered for Our FinTech Partner

We have built and deployed into production, a data feed handler for our FinTech clients. Their software is used by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the largest exchange in the world. Within a very narrow variance band, we have delivered 3μs latency at the median and lightning-fast recovery in case of packet loss.

Hardware Accelerated Solution

Leveraging our unique mix of abilities, we are now building an accelerated solution using commodity hardware that would give the FPGA guys a run for their money. This is a joint venture with our partner in the FinTech industry.

Numbers that Speak for Themselves

Performance claims can be hard to vet so we do wire-to-wire latency measurements to back up our design claims, a standard practice in the latency sensitive FinTech industry.

Integrated Exchanges

Coming Soon

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Lower latency translates directly to superior trading opportunities. If hardware-accelerated performance sounds exciting to you, we will be happy to talk to you to understand your needs and build the right solution.

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