You won’t find a services company with the DNA of a products company. eMumba is one of them. Our experience with building in-house products has inspired a culture that allows us to deliver services with unparalleled passion and quality.

Data Science

Over the last decade, data generation by sources like mobile, web, sensors, cars etc. has massively expanded; accumulated in large volumes by organizations. Having data alone is not valuable unless you turn it into information, knowledge, and more importantly, actions. Our expertise in building data centric solutions using machine learning and deep learning in domains such as natural language processing, computer vision, image and text analytics can help you grow your business by converting data into actionable insights.

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Web Applications

Web applications are entertaining people, providing knowledge and are helping solve complex problems. They're also allowing businesses to reduce costs, increase revenues and target millions of customers simultaneously. Users are getting more demanding about UI/UX, interactivity, responsiveness and functionality of web applications. Our expertise in cutting edge front-end and backend technologies enable us to deliver web applications that are responsive, highly interactive and scalable.

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Be aware of problems in your cloud infrastructure before your customers do. Monitor your cloud by utilizing cutting edge technologies. At eMumba, we're already helping organizations be better aware of their cloud infrastructure, which in turn helps them to reduce monitoring overheads, fix problems faster and identify trends to prevent problems ahead of time. Standing on the shoulders of giants like Sensu, Grafana and InfluxDB, we have developed an in-house solution NVisible which dramatically improves signal-to-noise ratio for DevOps teams.

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We aspire to provide high performance solutions for networks, and have top of the line network labs for feature and performance testing. Our services range from network infrastructure and virtualization to data monitoring and configuring several Microsoft Enterprise Solutions. Upholding the tradition of working with cutting edge technologies, we are working on next generation load balancers and security appliances. Our network and data science teams have collaborated to develop bespoke solutions for network visibility through log analysis.

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UI/UX Design

UI/UX isn’t a competitive advantage any more. It's a baseline expectation of every digital product. While solid software engineering continues to be our core competence, our philosophy, approach and processes are all geared towards design and user experience. Every engineer in the company is exposed to the basics of design thinking to develop a basic understanding and appreciation for this core tenet of modern software development. Our world class team of UI/UX experts work in unison with technical teams to ensure a chic outcome of engineering efforts.

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