Framework for Creating Dashboards

Library of predefined widgets to build quality dashboards with minimum code to save time and effort.

Minimal Customization Saves Time & Effort

With the idea of convention over configuration, our solution has a variety of visualizations and layouts that require minimal customization. These pre-styled widgets are simple to use and save you hours’ worth of code without compromising the quality.

Extensible to the Core

Each widget is standalone and can be used anywhere independently. Redgets has an extensible theming system support that separates design and development tasks. This allows you to tailor the design and functionality to your requirements. Furthermore, the monorepo architecture makes it easier for contributions and code management.

Plug & Play Experience

Redgets has built-in state management for plug and play experience to handle Blank, Error, Loading and Empty states. Create widgets simply by using URL and parameter-based input.

Reusable Components & Custom Visualizations

Reusable components help you to jumpstart your dashboards. Their reusability and agility make it super easy to customize widgets and keep the UI consistent. Take your pick from the array of custom visualizations (line graphs, donut charts, bubble maps, sunburst charts and many more) to tell the story of your data.

Salient Features

Simple Layout Solution
Automatic Positioning
Centralized Theming
URL and Parameter Based Input
Drag and Drop
Custom Visualizations and Widgets
Tiles, Charts, Tables and much more

Get in Touch

Redgets is an end to end solution for creating dashboards. If you’re facing challenges like redundant efforts, lengthy delivery time and resource allocation in creating complex widgets and dashboards, get in touch. We would be happy to hear about your specific needs and help you design quality dashboards in a faster and efficient way.

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