Assure Quality Upstream by Effective Test Automation

Stop firefighting emerging bugs by moving quality upstream! An automated test environment ensures proactively safeguarding against software flaws by the execution of strong regression and continuous testing.

Feature Testing

Is your product evolving swiftly? Our QA automation engineers can set up product specific automated scripts by covering a set of smoke, regression and sanity test suites.

Integration Testing

Not sure whether enhancements have adverse effects? Our automated testing environment guarantees post integration quality by employing various testing methods.

Cross-Platform Testing

Are your customers spread across multiple platforms? Our test suites cover a wide range of browsers across multiple platforms to maximize usability.

Security Testing

Afraid of security vulnerabilities in your product? Our QA experts focus primarily on Secure Authentication, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Insecure Direct Object References and Security Misconfigurations.

Performance Testing

Tired of sluggish products when users increase? We boost performance by testing for software flaws which affect key performance metrics such as response time, resource utilization and latency.

The journey towards Automated Testing

Our experts boost your product's quality by effectively automating our testing process model, by using unstructured input data to transform it into insightful test results through the implementation of robust and versatile automated scripts.

Cross Platform Coverage

Verifying cross-platform performance can be hectic when multiple browsers, across serveral OS and devices are involved, as illustrated below. We assure highly consistent and accurate automated test scripts which are applicable across platforms leading to a high quality product.