UI/UX Design

Figuring out how things work is more important than how they look. Once the “how” part is figured, a lusciously beautiful interface becomes necessary to complete the product offering.


Don't know what to do with your data? We have the skills and tools to turn it into beautiful visualizations that can help you drive informed decisions.

Custom Visualizations

Looking for an interesting concept to visualize your data? Our creative data designers can skillfully transform it into meaningful diagrams, charts and infographics.

Form Based Applications

Forms are no longer boring to interact with – our UI and UX specialists deliver beautiful interfaces that are easy and super intuitive to work with.

Product Definition

Got an idea for a product? Our solid foundation in market research, competitive analysis, product and UX design can help you define a product that can stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Finding it difficult to introduce your product to the world? Our story tellers and multimedia designers can deliver delightful and impactful promotional and instructional videos.


Aera Technology

Aera is a Mountain View based startup which is revolutionizing supply chains with machine learning and data science. eMumba is helping Aera to monitor their infrastructure in real time, and render beautiful visualizations on top of the data they collect.


The coolest data quality management application on the planet. DvSum is a patented SAAS platform that enables quick set up, and a complete set of tools to explore, automate, monitor, measure, analyze and improve data quality in enterprises.


BeatTheGym is a web app for enrolling to your preferred fitness classes in your vicinity; and creating your own convenient workout routine by choosing your instructor, genre of exercise, environment of choice and paying for it online. We turned this dream into a reality with bright energizing and easy to use interfaces.


Cricout is the very idea that made Owais (CEO eMumba), leave his very lucrative job and set his course into the terrain of uncertainty and risks. With loads of hard work, hard core development, design thinking and execution, the course was set right. Cricout is the very sapling that later became the foundation for eMumba - the company. With over 200k users across iOS, Android and web, Cricout is a social way to follow cricket online.


LexStep is an exclusive two-sided marketplace that connects top lawyers with leading law firms. Two practicing lawyers came to us with an idea and we were able to convert it into a fully functional online solution in a mere 6 months. We’re continually adding more new and exciting features to the product since then.